Friday, October 13, 2006

The Gold Standard

CBC Radio 3

(Go there, and then click on the "Magazine Archive" Link at the bottom of the page.)

This, my friends, is probably my favorite website of all time. For the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "Radio 3", this online music magazine went for a couple years before the creators decided to shut it down, and go to a more traditional blog-format. The new iteration (found here)is a sad, cluttered substitute that has you looking everywhere and nowhere at once.

Take a look at both, but make sure you turn up the sound on your computer and go through the old site for sure. It's a great example of how to present content in a very visual, and often emotionally poignant way. Compare it to other music/radio sites: WOXY (an indie-rock institution from Oxford Ohio - not a bad site in its own right, really, but more typical). Lite FM, Chicago (exactly what you'd expect, and maybe even a little freakier). And, of course, our own "Everything Alternative." Again, not too awful, but which would you rather go back to more than once?

Something to think about as you're asked to concept new ways to use the web. There's different stuff out there. Now - what have YOU seen that's above and beyond?


Blogger leah_shea said...

I use to look forward to Friday mornings when the online magazine was still going (new issues published on Friday). This was one of my favorites also...full of great emotive photography, music and northern culture. I visited the now CBC when it first was put up; haven't been since. And I think it's obvious why I haven't been.

5:22 PM

Blogger Bal des Ardents said...

This is such a cool site! I'm pretty dissapointed that it's shut down now. And I am now VERY interested in The Weakerthans.

7:50 PM

Blogger Michael Johnson said...

Yeah, absolutely love their system for an online magazine. Wonderful execution for the most part.

7:34 PM

Blogger T-Bud said...

I just saw on 93.9 the lite's website that they're going to have all Christmas music. I have to say, I love this. And, there's only 71 more days until Christmas.


10:53 PM

Blogger Alena said...

The new site is cluttered. I had no idea what I was looking at. However, it is a bit more interesting to me. (I'm assuming that the new one is the one with more photography.)

12:23 PM

Blogger Roger said...

The old magazines were done really well. Thought, do you think the new version was made so it could be updated easier? People are really looking for really current news nowadays.. also some are using RSS and stuff like that. I wonder if the old site could do those things. Maybe they just had to cut costs?

1:34 PM

Blogger Kendra_B said...

roger - my guess is that it just got too expensive and probably ultimately time-consuming to create. It's too bad. Interestingly, I know a place that's working on a model that makes a site like that possible, using already published print content, in under 72 hours. Which is pretty cool. And still kinda top secret...but it'll be out there soon and I'll post the link.

8:19 PM

Blogger John said...

The previous incarnation of CBC Radio 3 took twenty full time staff a week to produce. The new site employs one full time blogger (me), and a handful of contributors.

It was a tough choice for CBC – a public broadcaster - to shut down the old magazine, and hard on those who produced it.

But with the demise of the magazine came an opportunity to create a satellite radio station and weekly podcast, which allow us to spread the gospel of Canadian independent music around the world. A recent feature on called us "probably the world's best radio station”, so it looks like the sacrifice may have been worth all the trouble.

Still, the website is what we’re talking about here, and before casting judgment, you should know that it’s still under development. We hope that the new features we’re working on will be as innovative as the old site was in its day. Check back in 6-8 months.

3:27 PM


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