Wednesday, October 18, 2006

three guidelines

From tonight's class: Three solid things to remember when writing for web:

1. Tell the Truth. From the Welder exercise: the best ones were the most direct ones, right? The ones that told it like it was - no spin, no marketing-y selling. The ones that said "welding is hard, and dirty, and you want this job's why."

2. Get to the point. Attention spans are greviously short everywhere, but on the web, you're only one click away from a whole other world - and how enticing is that? Get out what you have to say early. And by early i mean immediately. Dont expect anyone to stick around a read more than a sentence or two.

3. Be specific. The welding exercise was hard partially because your audience was broadly defined. Without specific information, we default to guessing - and ultimately writing for ourselves, instead of our audience. The way to counteract that is to speak to a very specific person. Have him or her in mind as you write - and you'll get through loud and clear.


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